Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cumpunx / Puker

Taken from back cover of 7"...
"The release of this record finally unveils one of the many untold sagas of punk rock.  The Cumpunx were one of those amazing bands that blew everyone away whoever saw them, yet never were able to make it into a recording studio to immortalize their energy and passions.  Throughout five years of song writing and relentless touring, the Cumpunx were were often stricken by disaster.  This can be attested to by the lengthy list of injuries, clubs they were blacklisted from, street brawls, and failed recording sessions.  When it all came to an end and the last show was planned, everyone knew it was the last chance to capture their magic.  Originally planned as a Live LP, as usual, the show's sound was plagued with problems, and only the last three songs proved to be worth releasing (or ever listenable at all on tape), and as such the release was placed indefinitely on Hold."

"Fast Forward 6 Months and several of the core members of the Cumpunx had formed a new band, with a slightly different vision:  Puker.  However, shortly after they got together, Fuckface moved away to England to pursue a rightful education, and the rest of the band lacked the motivation to keep Puker going, or any other band for that matter.  Luckily for us, while Puker never played a single show, they realized that the Cumpunx had made a serious error in never recording any of their songs.  As such, they did make it into a studio, to record a two-song demo that showed their promise and new direction as musicians."

"While neither band ever finished a rightful record on their own.  Together, as they well should be, they have left us with the music preserved on this record as a document of their spirit and unruly times.  If I close my eyes while listening to this record, I can still picture that last show, Dusty covered in vomit, Angel and the rest of them blasted as always, and the crowd, seething, mesmerized, by one of the greatest American rock'n'roll bands to ever exist."  -Cheers.  Mark Swanson.

Vocals: Dusty
Guitar: Fuckface
Guitar: Brian
Bass: Angel
Drums: 105

Vocals: Daisy Pukes
Guitar: 105
Guitar: Fuckface
Bass: Gluebag
Drums: Dusty

I don't really know how much of the story is true, but snag below and crank these nasty punk jams! DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  The Cancer Kids, Torrington, Bucketful Of Teeth & Ampere

Cumpunx / Puker Split 7" (2007)

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