Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chalk Talk

Picture of Chalk Talk
Chalk Talk is an incredibly fun surf-punk/indie band from Massachusetts that's an absolute blast.  Perfect melodies pour over grungy-yet-twinkling guitars and upbeat grooves that make you wish it was summer already.  This is the soundtrack for a damn good time so snag their jams, get smiling and be happy.  These guys kick ass!  Snag everything below and dig your faces off.  Dig!

Bad Influences cover art
Bad Influences 12" EP (2012)

BVVVVVVV cover art
Chalk Talk / Sirs Split 7" (2010)

The Food Chain cover art
The Food Chain 7" (2010)

Penny On Heads cover art
Black Churches Split Cassette (2010)
(Chalk Talk Tracks Only)

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