Saturday, March 23, 2013


Cali's Sordo is a killer powerviolence trio that most definitely takes it back to the roots with a harsh and noisy outcome.  Here's some super-distorted, bass-driven grind punk madness loaded with pulverizing drums and ferocious vocals.  These guys won't leave you disappointed.  Everything I could hunt down is posted below, please let me know if I'm missing anything, their discography is overwhelming!  Dig.

Girl cover art
Sordo & Crowhurst - Girl : A Collaboration (2013)

Tactical Precision Violence 7" (2012)

Collection CD (2008-2012)


  1. Nice blog men, I will be around here more frequently

  2. I have everything by Sordo, including the Splits Collection I did for them. Hit me up man ! I'm on Soulseek, or contact me by e-mail:

    1. dude iam looking "the pain i have everyday" i cant find a download link. (The cover photo is a parody of a old school video game called "punch out")