Saturday, September 22, 2018


These Nepalese grind maniacs Chepang blew my mind when I witnessed their live set while on a well-deserved date-night with the wife.  To simplify, these guys fucked Manchester, NH a new hole that night along with Brazil's Test.  Two drummers, one guitarist and two vocalists... masters of their craft.  This inventive and angular brand of grindcore is a sure fucking godsend.  I need more now.  Dig.

- For Fans Of:  Friendship, Cloud Rat, Wormrot & The Kill

Test / Chepang Split 7" (2018)

Dadhelo : A Tale Of Wildfire LP (2017)

1 Love Demo Cassette (2017)

Lathi Charge 7" (2016)


  1. i'm so happy you're posting again. seeing updates made my day. hope you are well. thank you for everything.

  2. Brutal band with 2 drummers total devastation

  3. All releases still available on vinyl or free dl from Nerve Altar cheers