Friday, October 21, 2016

Wound Man

Wound Man is a powerviolence/sludge concoction that started as a recording project only to evolve into a full live act of sheer brutality.  This band delivers undeniably barbaric material that doesn't shy away from crushing riffs, pummeling drums, howling vocals and layers of noise.  These guys are absolutely mesmerizing and construct some of the most mammoth sounding punk jams I've heard in too long.  This is all gold.  Get on this, snag the goods below and DIG!

Rolled 7" (2016)

Perimeter LP (016)

Fever Session Cassette (2016)

Sick Of Things The Way They Are Comp. 7" (2015)

Cage Session Cassette (2014)

Shell & Driffter Sessions Cassette (2012-2013)

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  1. Thanx a lot man! One of the best blogs out there! I always come here for new stuff previews before i buy the records!