Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wolf Whistle

Wolf Whistle is a fast and fierce hardcore/powerviolence outfit from New Bedford, Massachusetts that has been killing it since 2007.  These ripping sounds are delivered at break-neck speeds and sprinkled with stomping parts creating meaty and destructive results.  This is fast fucking hardcore that doesn't mess around for a second.  They recently released a new 7" that continues their onslaught of undeniable brutality.  Snag everything below and get pissed!  DIG!!!!!!

The Present Disturbance 7" (2016)

"Absolutes" : New England Hardcore Comp. 7" (2014)
(Wolf Whistle Track Only)

MA Glory 7" (2012)

America's Hardcore Comp. LP (2010)
(Wolf Whistle Track Only)

Winter Demos (2009)

Demo 7" (2007)

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