Saturday, July 30, 2016

Magnum Force

Magnum Force is a blistering force of grind-fueled powerviolence from Arizona.  This band plays a raw and super-fast brand of the genre that's loaded with violent guitar riffs, pulverizing drum blasts, down-tuned bass and utterly forceful shrieks of rage.  These guys rarely slow down but when they do, some crushing slow parts follow and will make your eardrums crumble.  I can never get enough of these guys and they remain sorely missed.  Snag everything below and DIG!

- For Fans Of:  Chainsaw To The Face, Manpig, SFN & Abuse.

Hood Crimes 8" (2016)

ACxDC / Magnum Force / Sex Prisoner 3-Way Split 10" (2013)

Self Loathing 7" (2011)

Demo Cassette (2009)


  1. Unlikely they will drop anything else, pretty sure they broke up.

  2. Yeah man, they broke up last year

  3. I was at their last show at Aladdins. They had a special last tape for that day. If anybody has it, it'll complete the discography. I missed out on it like a chump.

  4. bassist also played guitar in closet case and the brass (after they broke up)

    i'd die to hear that last tape.

  5. I have that Last Tape, just need a track list. Anyone have a tracklist for Last Tape ? Mike

  6. They have released the new "Hood Crimes" EP some time ago.

  7. Yes indeed, and it is pretty easy to get. Found it right away. Old School You uploaded the 'Last Tape' October last year and it is already down. Yours was the only source I found at all. DON'T use Zippy, if you haven't got enough visitors to keep your links alive!! You should hand it over to Cut & Paste - screw the tracklist. BTW...Cut & Paste guys...DEMO CASSETTE link is down - please fix that.

  8. Mike...never mind...found the 'Last Tape' elsewhere. But you should fix it anyway. Sorry for the cynical undertone of the above entry, your blog rules!! But Zippy sucks. ;-) In case anybody still cares, here is the tracklist:

    1. Distort

    2. Expire

    3. Failure

    4. Worthless

    5. Chin Check

    6. Fuck Pity

    7. Self-Loathing

    8. Negative Thoughts