Thursday, December 31, 2015

Destruction Unit

Phoenix, Arizona's Destruction Unit started as a simple synth-punk solo project and evolved over the years into a haunting and hallucinatory brand of experimental punk rock.  These guys creatively combine psychedelic noise rock and primitive hardcore punk into an even more complex mixture of sounds that's hard to pinpoint.  Their music consumes you with layers of eerie soundscapes that blanket over trippy effects-drenched guitars, deep bass rhythms, driving drum beatings, hypnotic keyboards and grungy vocal melodies.  Destruction Unit's latest full length is easily one of the best albums of the year so if you've slept on this gem, get on it.  Snag these noisy, hazy and intriguing tunes now and lose yourself.  Dig.

Negative Feedback Resistor LP (2015)

Live In San Francisco LP (2015)

Dust [Single] (2014)

Merchandise / Destruction Unit / Milk Music : 3-Way Split LP (2014)

Deep Trip LP (2013)

Two Strong Hits 7" (2013)

Void LP (2012)

Sonoran LP (2011)

Eclipse LP (2010)

Destruction Unit / Black Sunday Split LP (2008)

Let's Lie 7" (2008)

My Disease 7" (2000)



  1. I have the Sandy Sessions Direct Mystical Transmission & Live at Thee Marquee if you need the files

    1. If you'd be so kind to share the files, that would be rad! Thanks!