Saturday, December 12, 2015

Completed Exposition

Completed Exposition hails from Osaka, Japan and plays some of the most frantic, blistering and stylized fastcore/powerviolence I've ever heard.  This trio consists of an unbelievably talented drumming maniac and two bassists who share vocal duties.  These dudes create a whirlwind of spastic and ripping sounds made up of thick buzzing riffs, incredibly intense drum work and ferocious dual vocals.  Snag everything below and dig, this material is rowdy.

Structure Space Mankind 12" EP (2013)

Completed Exposition / Extortion Split 7" (2010)

4th Demo Cassette (2008)

Stand Alone Completed Exposition 7" (2007)

3rd Demo Cassette (2006)

2nd Demo Cassette (2005)

1st Demo Cassette (2004)


  1. that's some siiiick hc. great blog you have, been devouring shit on here but thanks to internet explorer never working right, it's the first time i've commented. i know, i'm horrible

    just a question, have you ever thought about doing one of these awesome discog posts about the hc band called rf7? they're pretty damn good and have little blogged. not sure if you take requests, just putting the thought out. thanks. ps great job on the monster x post