Saturday, April 11, 2015


Picture of Finisterre
Here's some crusty, driving and intense d-beat hardcore from Köln, Germany's Finisterre.  This powerhouse was a dark and heavy display of crushingly discordant riffs, thick bass structures, non-stop drum insanity and ferocious vocal howls.  These guys were mean-as-fuck and should be pretty well known by now.  Snag their discography below and DIG!!!!!!

- For Fans Of:  Masakari, Jungbluth, Tragedy & Centuries

split 7" EP w/ Geraniüm cover art
Finisterre / Geraniüm Split 7" (2013)

hexis cover art
Hexis 12" EP (2012)

bitter songs cover art
Bitter Songs LP (2010)

split w/ alpinist cover art
Alpinist / Finisterre Split LP (2008)

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