Saturday, April 26, 2014


From Kent, UK come Harrowed.  A blistering display of metallic hardcore loaded with heavy Entombed-style riffs and destructive percussion.  This band consumes you with crunchy sounds of old-school death metal with an added blend of modern metal and hardcore.  Their debut full-length is quite the ripper.  If you like the genre, you'll definitely dig face.

- For Fans Of:  Trap Them, Cursed, Impatience & Stripmines

Into Inferno cover art
Into Inferno LP (2013)

S/T DEMO cover art
Demo Cassette (2012)


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeah boy, Kent Hardcore REPRESENT!

  2. Oh yeah, James alone has played in Winter In June, Lakes/Kid Pang and Man Hands, the other two have run a couple of pratice room venues in Margate and Ramsgate as well as recording most South East UKHC bands but unfortunately I'm not aware of any other bands they've played in.

  3. Fuck yeah, this band is great, thanks a ton!