Sunday, February 21, 2016

Autistic Youth

Portland, Oregon's Autistic Youth kicks so much ass.  This 80's inspired punk outfit has an amazing sound and plays some of the most driving and catchy tunes that're blended with classic hardcore punk, oi and surf punk vibes.  These guys are extremely talented and create upbeat punk bliss that gets better every time you hear it.  I Love This Band!  Snag everything below and dig.

Graves 7" (2014)

Nonage LP (2013)

Idle Minds LP (2010)

I Want To See Every Tower Fall 7" (2009)

Autistic Youth / The Estranged Split 7" (2008)

Autistic Youth / Cola Freaks Split 7" (2008)

Empty Eyes 7" (2007)

Landmine Beach LP (2006)

Banned In The Roseland 7" (2005)

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