Sunday, February 28, 2016


(the only picture with the full band)    Sohns
Sohns is a highly creative post-hardcore/screamo band from Texas.  This is some unbelievably tight musicianship topped with chirpy and chaotic high-pitched screams.  These guys are insanely fun and have incredible live performances.  Heavy, driving, technical and some-what dancy in a way.  The production of their material is amazing too!  Below is all of the band's material to date.  Indulge in these perfectly crafted jams and Dig!

Homonculus Of The Heart / Dead Eye (2015)

In Defeat 7" (2014)

Haus Hell 7" (2013)

Ripe / Rot 7" (2012)

To Ward It Off And Drown It Out (2010)

Werewolf : The Grasshopper Lies Heavy Split EP (2009)
(Sohns Tracks Only)

Eating Death Mountain CDep (2008)

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