Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Caution Children

Picture of The Caution Children
Jacksonville, Florida's The Caution Children is a top-notch delivery of heartfelt screamo and created songs that're loaded with experimentation, progression and ambiance.  This musically epic outfit formed in 2004 and has been reforming the genre with undeniably mature material that's powerful and full of well paced build-ups and full-fledged chaos.  This band is refreshing every time I hear them.  It takes me back to the prime Myspace era when I first heard them, yet I've never lost sight of their greatness.  My bad for not posting them earlier.  Snag everything and DIG!

Safe Crusades / No Judgements / And Baby 12" (2014)

Unknown Lands cover art
Unknown Lands LP (2011)

TOKYO JUPITER Compilation II cover art
Tokyo Jupiter Comp. II (2011)
(The Caution Children Track Only)

Vacations cover art
Vacations LP (2008)

Self-Titled EP cover art
Self Titled EP (2007)

This Song Is Set In 1998 cover art
"This Song Is Set In 1998" [Single] (2006)


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