Monday, May 19, 2014


мища (Miischa) is an extremely chaotic emoviolence trio from Hagarstown, Maryland.  Blending utterly harsh and shrieking dual-vocals over a complex structure of mad-man riffing that fills the air with a rich overall guitar sound and drumming that's maturely performed with control and patience then breaks into blasting intensity.  These guys are an emotional hardcore band that stand out with blazing originality and they're screaming with the passion of the classic 90's sound we all came to love.  Clever songwriting that's full of heart and ferocity.  These bastards are always keeping it fresh and most definitely keepin' it real as shit!  Below is their most recent EP that absolutely slays along with everything else I could uncover from them.  This shit's ILL!! Snag it all up and dig fucking face!

-For Fans Of:  Tristan TzaraBeau Navire, Orchid & Shikari

Joyless 7" (2014)

мища / Te Lloraría Un Puto Río Split Cassette

424/7 split 7" with мища cover art
424/7 : мища / Innards Split 7"

Mnwa split cover art
We Were Skeletons Split 7"
(мища Tracks Only)

Discographie So Far CD-R

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