Monday, September 2, 2013

Tristan Tzara

Picture of Tristan Tzara
 Tristan Tzara hailed from Dortmund, Germany and created manic, spazzed-out emoviolence that still stands the test of time.  I remember hearing this band years ago during my early screamo binges and I'm still amazed with what they released during their 2000-2002 reign.  Their material is fresh to this day and is some of the most heart-wrenching and chaotic emotional hardcore in the history of the genre.  Members played in Louise Cyphre and Kobra Khan and Sven currently rips it up in Republic Of Dreams so you know what to expect out of this musical insanity.  Snag everything below and mash your brain with these classic skramz.  Dig.

Da Ne Zaboravis 7" (2002)

Omorina Nad Evropom 12" EP/CDep (2001)

Unreleased (2000)

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