Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Innards is an incredibly awesome screamo band from Texas.  These dudes play a fresh and technical blend of emotional hardcore loaded with genius.  Edgy, twangy and noodly guitar-work dances across the frets at blazing speeds, the vocals are screamed with energy and passion and the bass and drums are filling the gaps with great transitions and tasty fills.  Innards are melodic but they sure don't shy away from chaos in the slightest.  Snag all of their rad material below.  Dig!

The Sound of Young America - Four Way Split cover art
The Sound Of Young America : 4-Way Split LP (2014)

Split 7" with Adobe Homes cover art
Adobe Homes / Innards Split 7" (2013)

Epilogue Of A Car Crash…A Tribute To Orchid cover art
Epilogue Of A Car Crash! A Tribute To Orchid! Comp. LP (2013)

I've Lost Everything 10" (2012)

Completely Fucked / Innards Split Cassette (2011)

Innards / The Reptilian Split 7" (2011)

no scum allowed split 7" with Two Knights cover art
No Scum Allowed : Two Knights Split 7" (2011)
(Innards Tracks Only)

424/7 split 7" with мища cover art
424/7: Innards / мища Split 7" (2011)

tracing cover art
Tracing 12" EP (2010)

cool out, mthrfkr cover art
Cool Out, Mthrfckr CDep (2010)

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