Sunday, October 21, 2018


Tarantüla is a gruff and catchy punk outfit that fuses power-pop, rock'n'roll and hardcore punk sensibilities to create a refreshing and addictive sound all their own.  These infectious tunes are tightly performed with endless energy and an overall sense of fun vibes.  Easily some of the best punk out there currently.  Snag everything below and DIG!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Cülo, Gas Rag, Birth DeformitiesRat Patrol

The Very Best Of Sex And Violence 7" (2018)

Weird Tales Of Radiation And Hate 7" (2017)

Self Titled 7" (2017)

I Got High With Bela Lugosi Cassette (2016)

Demo Cassette (2016)

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