Sunday, April 9, 2017

Half Gorilla

Half Gorilla hailed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and constructed mammoth sounding grindcore mayhem.  From 2005-2010 these bastards delivered brutally unrelenting material mostly consisting of splits with other fellow face-melters.  Snag everything below and Dig!

Half Gorilla / Kursk Split 7" (2010)

Half Gorilla / Magnicide Split 7" (2009)

Summer '08 3'' CD-R (2008)

Half Gorilla / Loaded For Bear Split 7" (2007)

Graceless Beasts 7" (2007)



  1. many big thanks for this share! i got the graceless beasts 7" on a visit to madison on the recommendation of someone at a record shop off the main street along with a govt warning ep; both were amazing, so am really glad to be able to pick up some more. so far my only trip to the states, but i must say it was weird to get tuts and headshaking when walking down the street at, presumably, my bleached hair! from local uni students at that! anyway, great blog - rock on!!

  2. Man I lived in Milwaukee from 2006-2010 and really miss this band. Them and Deep Shit.