Sunday, August 21, 2016


Formed in 1997, Tokyo, Japan's 324 started releasing monumental grindcore chaos to the world.  The material these guys consistently delivered was always harder, louder, faster and more unhinged than many current imitators are attempting to create.  This is master craftsmanship in the art of fucking up senses.  Play this shit loud, take notes, repeat.  Snag everything below and dig! 

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Gibbed, ErodedVolume DealersCrow & Satanic Hellslaughter

Rebelgrind LP (2006)

Venomous Concept Split CDep (2006)
(324 Tracks Only)

Across The Black Wings CDep (2003)

Corrupted / Discordance Axis / 324 : 3-Way Split CDep (2001)

冒涜の太陽 LP (2000)

Soulwinter 7" (1999)

Customized Circle CDep (1999)

Demo Cassette (1997)