Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Paranoid delivers some raw d-beat punk from Frösön/Östersund, Sweden.  These noise-drenched tunes are primitive and ferocious with buzzsaw riffs, blown-out bass, pummeling drums and vicious vocal howls.  These dudes have been shredding since 2012 and keep spitting out solidly intense hardcore that'll surely fuck with your senses.  Snag everything I could find below and dig.

Satyagraha LP (2015)

Absolut / Paranoid Split LP (2015)

Destroy Future Less System 7" (2014)

Hardcore Addict 7" (2012)


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  1. Hey mate I have the Satyagraha LP in mp3 kbps, take it if you like, I think sounds better, you can use it for your blog without problem. (I stole it from spotify jaja), have the vinyl as well but my turntable doesn´t rip so I had to stole it :D