Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dirty Work

Picture of Dirty Work
Here some raging thrash punk from Kansas City's Dirty Work.  This is some degenerate, grime-coated sloppy hardcore punk sounds that're ugly and obnoxiously awesome.  These rippers are fast-paced, down your throat and loaded with non-stop energy.  Dirty Work had me hooked from the first listen.  Snag and dig.

- For Fans Of:  Gas Rag, Nerv, Pukeoid, Zipperhead & Ooze

Hard Days And Night cover art
Hard Days And Night 7" (2014)

Mattress Stains cover art
Mattress Stains [Single] (2014)

7" w/ The Baby On It cover art
Self Titled 7" (2013)

Tour Cassette (2012)

Demo Tape cover art
Demo Cassette (2012)

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